Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A blog filled day!

Wow. Its not often that my work gets blogged about & never in 2 amazing blogs on the very same day. I'm all a-glow :O)

Please check out the most kind and flattering article on Roomsomewere.blogspot.com. Its really a flattering showcase of myself and many other Etsy artists. Great blog and an amazing collection of talent, what an honor!!!

Thank you!

Ooo Modish

I like blogs, especially when they feature me :O) You can see the article Here Its short & sweet and has lots of links to my shop & that is just dandy! Thanks modish :)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Saturday, July 28, 2007

It is okay to promote yourself (taken from tips blog)

The opportune placement of a Moo card, the number holder at Boudine Bakery. You never know who might sit in the booth next.

Self promotion is probably the hardest part of this job. No one wants to be pushy about their work and more so no one wants thier work to be rejected. I have gotten to the point in my career that I liken my small business to a big one, I have to. And in order to be part of the big business world I have no other choice then to tell the world that I exist. I promote often & without shame. I want people to know they have a choice, they can shop at some poorly managed bad for the environment hot and smelly retail store or they can log on to Etsy and buy something hand made and support people who are supporting themselves. This is how I get over that lump in my throat and break through my shyness. I mean, really, where would you rather shop, Etsy or Walmart?

Friday, July 27, 2007

Do these eyes look tired to you?

Or eye rather? My cat picked a fight (maybe he was egged on) at 4:30 this morning & I have been up since. Its bad timing as I have many many things to do today & there is currently a fruit fly in my coffee :{. I'm pretty good at functioning tired, maybe I'll get all my work done now & go back to bed :O) Off I go!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Is this cheating?

Etsy has a new poster making tool, Here You are supposed to make posters to submit for the Etsy poster contest. I will some day but for now I used the tool to make a poster of my work that I am printing up & sending into magazines & putting on grocery store bulletin boards.
It works really well & looks very proffessional, everyone cross your fingers that it will work for me & if you sell on Etsy you should go make your own! *cheaters love company :O).

Feeling Rather Blue......

I am absolutley in LOVE with this butterfly print I bought this paper in San Francisco & cutting it into usable sheets made my fingers hurt. It does make the most beautiful album & I am so pleased (I got over the cutting pangs pretty quicky!)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

No Bones About It

Its been a good week. I got a lot done & even made a new line of Journals . The skeleton paper makes me laugh, its funny how I could love something that I would probably never buy for myself :) It does give my shop a new look & I kind of like it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I made a pretty treasury!

I love Etsy, way too much :O)!

The Spam Scam...

Brought to you by Craigs List :O)

I will like to purchase your eye-catching jewelry.I will also like to get a picture of the jewelry as well as the price.My name is Hanna krueger,I am 54 years and I have 4 lovely kids,I want to buy the jewelry for my eldest daughter so reply ASAP if the jewelry is still up for sale.
Best Regards
Hanna Krueger.


Well since its for your Eldest Daughter okay, but you'd better not share with the younger ones!


Monday, July 16, 2007


My new intern!!!!!!! Nicole from


has just joined the littleput team! She'll be around once or twice a week helping me with wholesale orders, organization & if ever, drama :O) I am really glad shes agreed to help out, it will be great to have her here dealing with the mundane while I get to make cool new stuff for Etsy :). Check out her shop, I hope she'll stick around for a bit but her work is fantastic, she may be off and running before I can say boo!

Welcome Nicole!!!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

oooo New :)

Rings & Rings & Rings.

I am soooo excited to announce the launch of my new rings that the first 10 people who reply here will get free rings, just beacause!!!!!

Comment in the box & then send me a


with your address & favorite color, be sure to wear them proudly!

Littleput has launched her new line!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

New! York! :O)

I get to teach a marketing class at the Etsy Labs and I am darn tooten excited! I've been a few times when I was younger but this will be the first trip with purpose. I can't wait to meet everyone, see the labs and say thank you to the creators of this awesome website that lets me make a living playing with paper :O)

The class info is Here Its going to be a 2 & 1/2 hour workshop and hopefully I'll be able to give some sound advice to people who attend. The following day there is a trunk show, I haven't a clue what to bring to that....

See people, I told you its been busy :)



Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hello Blog!

Everything has been so busy & up in the air lately & I have missed you sweet blog :). My kind & wonderful family have offered to help pay for my son to attend an alternative education private school (waldorf style). He has a number of unusual disablities & is already an outsider in public school. When we heard we were accepted I cried. We've tried to apply him to 4 other schools & were rejected. It seems cruel that the children who need it the most get turned away because they do indeed, need it. But we did get in to this lovely school and I am soo glad and a bit more overwhelmed, the tuition is close to $8000 a year. My family has offered to pay half and I am so grateful for thier help. Now I just need to make up the rest & I can, I am just trying to figure out how :).

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Orange lights up my bedrom. Its morning, barely. My eyelids are heavy. The orange charge light on my computer has turned green, bright & ready green, more ready than I am. I blink a few times and open my laptop, I am still in bed. I hit refresh. New page, the number 4 glares red, 4 convos, 4 people need something. Grumble. It is too early to need, don't they know my eyes are barely open yet? I want to be cranky. I can't be cranky, 4 convos always feel better than none, unless 3 of them are about missing packages & the last one is someone asking how I make my pendants. The number of shop items hasn't changed, nothing sold while I was asleep but the convos mean something will, eventually. I click the fat orange Etsy rectangle, front page. Am I there? Are you? Is it pretty or funky or covered in toilets? My eyelids are still heavy, I blink again and get up to make coffee. My day started out orange and there is little doubt that it will end that way. :O)

Monday, July 2, 2007

The Spam Scam...

Brought to you by Craigs List :O)

my name is linda smith my best freind is doing a wedding next week and i want a lovely kit for her ,so she can look gorgious,i wont be able to come and take alook at the jewelries but am sure its cool i will have a shipper who will be coming there picking it up after my mode of payment is cool by you and after i have pay you off not forget that i will include the shipper money to the money i will be paying you,can you get back to me with the last offer.
The mode of paymnet you prefer?
Usualy i prefer paying you by paypall if its ok with you get back to me with the present condition of the goods,and the information needed to pay you up...bye. hope to read from you soonest..bye.

Ohh please please can you send your shipper to come get them, maybe they can help me get caught up on some of these orders...