Saturday, July 28, 2007

It is okay to promote yourself (taken from tips blog)

The opportune placement of a Moo card, the number holder at Boudine Bakery. You never know who might sit in the booth next.

Self promotion is probably the hardest part of this job. No one wants to be pushy about their work and more so no one wants thier work to be rejected. I have gotten to the point in my career that I liken my small business to a big one, I have to. And in order to be part of the big business world I have no other choice then to tell the world that I exist. I promote often & without shame. I want people to know they have a choice, they can shop at some poorly managed bad for the environment hot and smelly retail store or they can log on to Etsy and buy something hand made and support people who are supporting themselves. This is how I get over that lump in my throat and break through my shyness. I mean, really, where would you rather shop, Etsy or Walmart?


cipolla said...

Right on! I am just starting out, and often have trepidation about tooting my own horn... lol. But I love your re-affirmation here, too true!

Thank-you for sharing your tips in these articles... I will be reading them all I'm sure over the next little while.

♥ m.

Susy said...

i found your blog thru the forum! very nice. i know what you mean about shyness standing in the way. if i let my shyness get in the way, i'll never have a business. and i'd rather have a business.

Thanks, and I'll definitely peruse the tips for re-enforcement!

lovely work, too.


Barbra said...

Great shop,blog and tips. Thanks!

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Amen, sister!

It's so true, the hardest part is getting yourself out there. I think a lot of us artistic types are a bit sensitive (who, us?) so it makes self-promotion even trickier.

Great reminders and clever tips!