Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Studio Shot Tuesday!

Ooooooooooo what a mess! This is normally my shipping table (which I need to do today) but I've been working on some new ideas and with creativity comes disaster.... Oh well. To see notes on this photo click here or share your own studio shots join our flickr group, click here. Happy Tuesday, off to work I go!


Alis said...

Certainly cannot be creative and tidy I've found.
Your desk looks like a hive of industry.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I wish my workspace looked half as neat as this!

Corvus said...

"With creativity comes disaster."

Ooo. I like that.

juju designs said...

LOL...I think yours looks pretty darn good...you outta see my office....what a mess...oops...better go clean it up i guess.

atayala said...

What a studio this is, maybe it needs some clean so that you can work and think there clearly.

Deirdre G
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certified accountants said...

Certainly cannot be creative and tidy I've found.Your desk looks like a hive of industry.

Larry Morales said...

It is not easy to work with new ideas and we need to brush up our creative skills if the society asked you to change it. Anyway, it was a good thought from your experience.