Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Coming soon....

I wanted to put a piece on my blog about a new product I am getting ready lo launch. I am so excited about this new jewelry I just couldn't wait to share :O). I am out of "prototype" phase and moving carefully into creating a varried and beautiful line of these newest items. I'm thrilled with them (they've been a long time coming) and hope to launch a full line sometime in the next 7 days. Those of you who'd like to be notified about these via e-mail please sign up for my mailing list in the side bar below. There will be some give aways and promos as well, I feel like celebrating! :O). I'll be posting the launch on the here on the blog too so check back if you're interested.

Happy Wednesday~

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Studio Shot Tuesday!

Ooooooooooo what a mess! This is normally my shipping table (which I need to do today) but I've been working on some new ideas and with creativity comes disaster.... Oh well. To see notes on this photo click here or share your own studio shots join our flickr group, click here. Happy Tuesday, off to work I go!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Back to School.....

It is IMPOSSIBLE to be a top seller on Etsy and have a 6 year old shadow all day long. It has been wonderful to have a taste of full time mom again, the forts, the baked bread, the pictures and glitter coated art tables, the 1000000 books read back to front to back again. It has been a delight to just be a mom but my business is piling up around my ears :). Those sweet few hours a day where I can focus on my work, my imagination or just be a goof in the forums are so important to my adult self. I am looking forward to the bitter-sweet start of school, it will be nice to have that balance again.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Portland Saturday Market~

I took some time yesterday to visit my old stomping grounds,
Portland Saturday Market. I could not have started my business without many hard and sweet hours as a vendor there. It is a mash of noise, art, laughter and music. The artisans are without a doubt some of the most talented, creative and kind people I've ever met. Its been wonderful to make the transition from struggling art market vendor to doing rather well on Etsy but it has been hard to leave the camaraderie of the PSM community. I miss everyone dearly. I don't get a lot of free time, especially kid free time so the few hours I spent by myself yesterday chatting with my old friends was just a bit of heaven. Of course, you cannot stop by the market without shopping just a smidge. My good friends Vince and Sabrina make the most incredible pottery.

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I had to pick up these lovely tea bowls and a handful of their amazing leaf plates.

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The Vendors of Saturday Market may be losing their home. They're not highly regarded by the city planning commission and may very well be bumped from their spot at the end of 2007. There isn't much I can do but encourage all of you living in or visitng Portland to stop by, get some amazing art and let the City Council know that the market is an icon, a community and treasure to Portland that should not be paved over by high priced development.

(I have to say to Cathy, thank you so much for your kind words yesterday, I was so flattered and touched by your support!)